Collection: RAL 1000 Green Beige

Brllnt offers stain, wood lacquer, metal paint, and wall paint in the color RAL 1000 Green Beige. These Eco Nano-coatings penetrate the surface and become one with the structure. This prevents liquids from seeping in and stops dirt, grease, and mold from adhering. The paint is water-based and exceptionally colorfast.

Discover the Natural Beauty of RAL 1000 - Green Beige: Refreshing and Soothing

Looking for a refined color that captures the beauty of nature? Meet RAL 1000 - Green Beige, an enchanting shade that brings a touch of freshness and tranquility to any room. Known for its subtle green hue with warm beige undertones, this color is a timeless choice for architects, designers and anyone looking for a harmonious ambiance.

RAL 1000 features

This versatile color has some striking features that set it apart from other shades.

Invigorating Green Hue:
RAL 1000 radiates a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere, making any space gets a natural feeling.

Beige Serenity:
The warm beige undertones provide a calming and cozy appearance, perfect for relaxing.

Timeless Elegance:
Green beige is a classic color that blends seamlessly with different interior styles and architectural designs.

Brllnt verf en coatings - The green footprint for paint

With Brllnt paints, you are truly environmentally conscious!

This RAL 1000 Green Beige Brllnt paint has been specially developed for the professional market with the highest quality requirements. This paint is now also available to you.

Brllnt paint and coatings are made with revolutionary eco-nano technology. Nano coatings penetrate the surface and become one with the structure. Liquids can no longer enter and dirt, grease and mold cannot adhere.